Mexico (Central Part) - Christmas 2001
Photography by Radim Schreiber

All these pictures are from my trip to Mexico during winter break 2001-2002. I went with my girlfriend Clara, we had a great time and weather was perfect (25 Celsius and sunshine).

Our trip started in Mexico City. I haven't taken many pictures there, because it is a dangerous place, almost 30 million people craziness. I got in problem when I was shooting some pictures around American embassy, while waiting for Clara to get her Visa. Good luck was that I could speak to Americans, and I could explain that I am not a terrorist from Czech Republic ;-)

Then we finally left Mexico City, heading to Clara's sister's town - San Miguel. This was beautiful town, where I took many great and colorful pictures showing Mexican culture. Basically it is whole first set of thumbnails plus few more on next set (until pictures Dsc11644.jpg)

After few days we went to see Clara's family in Guadalajara. We stayed for many days participating at their traditional Christmas and New Years. Here I took more personal pictures than fine art photography, although you can see nice pictures from market and square at New Years Eve. Market was something I need to mention, because there, some 3 guys almost beat me up. They wanted to take my fancy looking camera. I got lost in crowd, and I was damn happy that I escaped without a scratch... just fast beating heart.

While being in Guadalajara we visited many cool places. You can see pictures from the lake, other nice towns, and at last beach. Beach was totally cool, because it was without many people, not commercialized and waves were just good enough to be smashed under, yeah :-)

Last picture in the series is dog, which climbed with me on top of the pyramid in Mexico city, where I flew back to Chicago O'Hare, unfortunately with Clara, who didn't get the visa. Currently she got the visa, and she is coming on Saturday February 2nd.

I hope you have fun, let me know which pictures you like the best, or if you want some prints.